19.8% of NC families with children under 18 live at the poverty level

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Our Mission

To reach out, and to meet the needs of those individuals here in Raleigh, and our surrounding area, who are homeless, marginalized, and suffering in poverty at the point of their need.

We believe that we have a responsibility, and the obligation, to address and provide the basic, and essential goods and services to these our invisible neighbors, who live within our communities, and we do so, while also understanding our very own shortcomings.

We believe we can be of impact, not only in addressing their physical needs, but we are hopeful that we can be instrumental in sharing hope and caring, to those who find themselves within life's desperate circumstances.

We believe we have been called to Make a Stand, and to Reach Out to those in need!


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Contact Information

Mailing Address:
1121 Hobson Court
Raleigh, NC 27607

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Organization Structure:
Steven J Coker
Founder & CEO 

Susan P Coker

Board of Directors
Dr. Michele Martin

Dr. Brian S Pope

Dr. Andrea Torsone

Mrs. Hope Hancock 
Director of Fundraising



By His Hands believes the world can be changed, ONE solitary life at a time!

See What People are Saying About Us - A Few Less Hungry

"I am proud to say Steve and Susan Coker are two of my best friends, therefore I can sincerely say the passion they share to feed the hungry is very real. Instead of talking, they acted on the need and created "By His Hands" and along with dedicated volunteers, they are feeding the hungry in this very small sector of the world. Hours, days, months of hard work have been spent for the soul purpose of reaching out to persons unable to provide a nutritious meal for themselves and loved ones. As able bodied citizens, surely WE can give a few dollars to help "By His Hands" continue the dynamic work which our Father has called upon the Cokers to fulfill."

~Debbie Eason

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